Our Mission

Defend our Children aims to improve Quality of Life, Health and Safety, Overall Experience and Mental Stability of Children throughout their educational journey.  This includes, but is not limited to, case study work with schools, giving away safe space desks, addressing safety in the event of imminent dangers such as school shootings, improving school procedures, providing shelter for unexpected inclement weather, and discouraging bullying and sexual abuse.

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Our Causes

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Active and Ongoing Case Study Work

We work with schools and first responders to systematically break down the actions taken in the event of school alarms. Alarms can be for weather, active shooters and fire. This information may be published and used later for procedure enhancements.

Giving away Safe Space Desks

Safe Space Desks are the next generation of school desks. With enhanced school procedures, the desks can be a safe space for children in the event they face things such as bullying, sexual assault, school violence, tornado producing weather and school shootings.

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Enhancing Current School Procedures

We work with school administration, police departments and fire departments to review case studies and improve school procedures. Procedures vary by region and may be school specific. We are driven to improve the environment for the best.

Discouraging School Violence and Bullying

The educational environment is not a place to fear or be bullied. Bullying has long term major risk factors for poor physical and mental health and reduced adaptation to adult roles including forming lasting relationships, integrating into work and economic independence.

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Deterring Sexual Harassment

From depression to high blood pressure, victims of sexual harassment often experience emotional and physical symptoms for years to come and commonly lead to heart problems. Our work helps deter these event from occurring in the educational environment.

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“Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.”

John F. Kennedy


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