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For Communities

Let's come together for our Children

This is a community effort, there is no color race or creed to be considered here. Everyone can help in some way either through networking on social media, getting together to share your demands with your local school board, asking the school board to find a way to generate enough funds to donate to equip your school.

Demand they file for every possible state of federal school safety grant, ask for a vote on a bond or even look at short term tax volarum if necessary because you cannot put a price in even one child's life. Write your local businesses for help, contact your government officials, and even look at auctions or local fundraising.

This requires a cultural and operational change in the way we do things to make this successful. We need to come together and realize that it clearly not working the way it is, change is needed and needed now. So many parents, families and communities have been devastated by horrible and senseless school shootings and attacks.

As a community, come together and help get the news and benefits of our charity to as many people and organizations as possible.

Help us equip schools BEFORE the next school shooting occurs? Remember, it is not if, it's when. Lets make sure it is not your school in the next news cycle unless they are praising how many lives were saved because you as a community got it done!