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As the primary desk inventor, my 20 years experience in advance ballistic materials and a 20 years as a Sheriff's Deputy in road patrol, 4 years as an advance School Resource Officer with all certification and training levels, I went through multiple federally certified active shooter response courses ending my career as the Director of our L.E. Training Academy. This unique back ground is what led to the desk to protect our children during an attack in school. After retiring in 2016, and watching yet another senseless killing in the Parkland High School Shooting, he spent months strategically designing this desk using this combination of experiences to maximize the tactical benefits for children's safety and protection in addition

to assisting aiding the first responders get to the attacker.

Some of the Tactical Benefits include: 

  1. Giving every child instant cover and concealment and a personal place to shelter in place preventing children from running or grouping together for easy targeting. 

  2. Made the desk tactically friendly within the confines of the desk by strategically placing handles to "center" the child in the safety zone away from the ballistic panel which also combines their weight with that if the desk to prevent the desk from being flipped.

  3. The Sheltering in Place allows for fire alarm verification. School shootings are evolving and like Parkland High School, the attackers are evolving to find ways to get children out of the school by either pulling the fire alarms or calling in bomb threats to get the children out of the school and funneling them into the hallways where the shooter can maximise each shot fired in the "fatal funnel" of the hallway.

With prototypes already in process, Defend Our Children Charity will do active shooting training with the desks without the stress and trauma of full law enforcement engagement. These are 1 second "take cover" drills so the children can learn proper access their personal safety zone and build their confidence that they are safe sheltering in their own desk once law enforcement arrives.

First responders will know exactly where the children are, that they are safe,

and have unabated access to locate, identify and stop the attacker. 

Now the only thing children will have to relearn is NOT TO RUN OR BECOME A TARGET! 

Will you rally behind someone that has been in your shoes as a first responder and help defend the innocent?

We need your help:

  1. Like, Share, and especially comment on our social media. Show your support and explain why this will help you do your job responding to a school attack.

  2. Your community values your input and what you symbolize. Tell your family, friends and community that you are supporting this cause and help equip your local schools with safety desks. 

  3. We have all sworn an oath to serve and protect, these desks give you more time to arrive on scene to protect our children.


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