How parents and grandparents can donate

For Parents, Grandparents, Relatives and Guardians

Every Little Bit Counts. Every Comment, Like and Share helps.

Your voice is a powerful tool. The biggest thing you can help us with spreading the positive word. 

We need your help to reach out to your own communities and beyond. Let your local school districts know about these lifesaving desks and how strongly you feel that they should be in your schools to protect your children.

Schools Districts can find ways to fund the things they feel are important so they need to understand how important this is to you and your children. Schools districts can apply for state and federal grants, propose a bond in your area and if necessary and at a last resort consider stronger measures such as a short term increase in tax volarum which virtually gets the entire community involved by voting for the cause.

Can you put a price on yours or any child’s life?

Reach out to influence and pull wealth in your community for this cause. Businesses, sports figures, team owners, musicians, celebrities and local wealth and philanthropists can all help. If they cannot donate, they likely are connected with those that can.

Wealth is always looking for ways to invest in their own community. 

Remember that this is a 501 (c) (3) charity approved by the federal internal revenue service (IRS), so all the money donated is fully tax deductible. For those not familiar, that simply means that whatever you donate is subtracted from your gross income at tax filing time.

For example, if you have a gross income of $40,000.00 per year and donate $2,000.00, your taxable income has now been reduced to $38,000.00. The more you donate, the less your taxable income becomes!