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Sports Professionals, Musicians & Celebrities

This is an awesome way to show your fan base appreciation!

As a professional athlete, musician or television celebrity, you are hero to thousands of people. You have been blessed with the talent to engage in your true passion in life. Your journey has included long hours, your dedication tested and you have endured mental and or physical pain to refine your skills. Through hard work, you've excelled above your peers. You are a brand that epitomizes hard work and you can use your brand for good to help our cause. Help us in the worthiest of all causes, protecting our children.  

Your community displays their “hero’s” name, your team logo as “Their Team” logo, your music band or your movie on everything they can afford like hats, t shirts and other memorabilia. Your community talks about you with everyone they know that will listen. Seeing their hero perform in person helps them legitimize why their heroes are paid the salaries that they earned. Season tickets are family traditions that become family heirlooms handed down generation to generation. Your fans feel they are a part of you and your team or band and each generation carries on to the next. Fans spend untold amounts to attend games and concerts to buy memorabilia to show that they support you without hesitation.

Your community sticks with you during your highs and lows, sickness, injury and health. We are asking you to reciprocate that support by getting together as a team, band or celebrity group and donate the funds necessary to equip the schools in your community with desks from our charity. Make all the children "winners" that look up to you in the best way possible, saving their lives. Please consider being a large donor to equip your schools with safety desks to help prevent anymore parents from ever losing a child, one of your fans, in a school shooting.

We can leave your donation anonymous or post your support throughout social media. Since we are a public charity, all donations are tax deductible.