How teachers can help defend our childre

For Teachers

Incorporating Teacher's  Input into the Design

After the desk received the patent, both inventors went straight to local schools for teacher and school administration introduction and input. Some of the biggest requirements for the teachers were their flexibility for classroom desk layouts (share pair, quad desk seating etc), making the desks scratch resistant and the ability to easily move the desks around. After months of final design, we incorporated the teacher's must haves and school administrations must haves into the final design process. 

A comment made by a teacher was ,"During active shooter drills we gather in the back of the room and turn the lights off. Within a few minutes the children would start to giggle and play with each other which made a lot of noise. I like these desks because it's keeps the children separated and safe".

The desk design is coupled with the theory that teachers should be focused on teaching and mentoring, not training for attacks against the children they are teaching. Intense school active shooter training could be considered traumatic. Why are we teaching children to attack the active shooter? 

Will you help push this solution to your school administration, local school organizations and national school organizations? Will you be willing to be a part of a movement driven to take care of children by thwarting active shooter's plans?