Self Fundraising

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DOC ebay for charity
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Charity gift matching

Corporate Donation Matching

Many companies will match your donations to charity. Since each company is different, reach out to your HR department for program details. We would love to assist if possible!

Facebook Fundraisers and Birthday Fundraisers

Help spread the word and support our combined efforts on your Birthday.

Set up your School's GoFundMe

How you can use GoFundMe to support your community's push to raise donations and make your Schools a safer place.

Sell Your Businesses' Products Online and Support Charity

Set your own donation %, reduce your selling fees, push your products to the top, be identified as a seller supporting charity and reach new markets! Just click the below link and then select "Become a Direct Seller"

Amazon Smile

Use Amazon? Sure you do! Amazon will donate their profits to charity for eligible purchases. You can even track your donations throughout the year :) An easy way for you to show your support. 

Donate your Birthday!

Is your birthday coming up? We are asking everyone to make a donation to match how old they are turning. Turning 37? Donate $37 to show support. Share with your friends and help spread the word of donating your birthday!