Personal Defender Safety Desks For Schools


360 Degrees Impact Protection

The desk has ballistic panels attached to the exterior and interior. The panels are rated to confidential impact ratings and come in a variety of finishes. The desk also have a "sealed" mode which provides a child with 360 degrees of ballistic protection. In the event of inclement weather or a focused active shooter the child will have a defense mechanism.

Minimal Movement for Cover

Your natural instinct is to try to hide behind something substantial when you have school shooter looking at you. The desk's design is meant to be that substantial material between you and the attack. From the seated position to cover will take less than 18" of vertical movement and less than a second to engage.

Various Sizes for K-12

Unfortunately, almost every state and every level of school has had an active shooter that has taken lives. Active shooters do not have to be a student, but could be an adult. The desks were designed to have minimal impact on the current classroom layout functionality. We need to protect tomorrow's leaders at every level of school and in every state!

Future Development

Parkland's school shooter pulled the fire alarm and then opened fire while students were evacuating through the hallways (fatal funnel). School shooters are evolving. The desk's patent holders are focused on continuing to provide the schools with desks, improvements and change existing policies to thwart a school shooter's plans.


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