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A 14 Year Old's School Shooting Story

Imagine this. You're 14 years old, at school and watching your teacher write a chemistry equation on the board. You're in the zone. Taking notes and trying to figure out how a mole is mole is defined as 6.02214076 × 1023. While you're looking down at your notes... You dont notice the door slowly creep open and your best friend screams "GUN". You immediately look up and see it. The Gun. Being waved and pointed all around the classroom. Then it happens. A round goes off. You see a classmate get hit and fall to the ground. *Hearts pounding. *Adrenaline dumping.

With only one way into and one way out of the room.... What do you do? Where do you run? What distance can you put between you and the threat?

Putting walls between you and the gun best option. Unfortunately most classrooms are open and have no walls to get behind. So now what? With death staring you right in the face what would you do? You're 14 years old and are certain you are living your last moments on earth.

Wondering if you told your parents you loved them before you left the house this morning. Wondering why this is happening.

Wondering if you're going to make it out of this alive.

Wondering if you're ever going to grow up, get a job, get married, and have children.

This horrific story has actually been lived been lived. This is based on so many true stories of children that has watched their classmates been killed in an active shooter event. Forever traumatized and wondering if they could've done anything differently to save a classmate. Some classmates never made it out of the room. Some parents got to hug their children after this tragedy. Some parents had to bury their child.

Horrifically, this story is continuing to happen and increase how many times it's occurring per year. Below are the 2019 school shooting statistics.

We must "unnormalize" this and make stopping these school shootings a priority. Our charity was formed to give children cover and concealment during a school shooting. We believe by addressing the fundamental of giving children something to defend themselves and hide behind during a school shooting will allow the police to respond and end the event. When children are behind defense desks, they shelter in place until the school resource officer can get to and address the shooter.

Do you agree that giving children a defense mechanism is the best way to address this horrific event? Leave your .02. Everyone's opinion matters.

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