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Active School Shooters and Safety Desks

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

It's true, school shootings do not seem to be going away. The shootings are also climbing in numbers of fatalities, injuries and PTSD. The first school shooting occurred on July 26, 1764* and since then shootings have exponentially risen over the last five years.

Students need immediate protection from the 1st second a school shooter starts the attack. History shows and proves it's not if, but when the dangerous event will occur. There are a lot of products on the market that claim to provide protection, but all of these products do not have a way of protecting the first child from the attack. These safety desks offer protection for when the first moment a child is targeted.

Students need immediate protection from the first second a threat occurs. With less than 18 inches of vertical body movement a student can "duck" to take cover inside of the ballistic panel safety desk. This keeps the student of the line of sight of the attacker allowing for a "Shelter in Place" strategy. Become a donor, help us build and provide this evolutionary "Cover and Concealment" option for our children to defend themselves by having the protection of "Sheltering in Place" long enough for law enforcement to arrive and stop the threat before precious lives are senselessly taken from us.

Arming teachers and training students to attack the active shooter is a topic for another day. Would you want your loved one to have immediate cover the second a school shooting occurs?

* - See below link for first school shooting excerpt.


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