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Charity eBay - Defend our Children

Did you know you could support our charity through ebay? It's true. All you have to do is favorite our charity on ebay and when you go to list an item select "donate a portion to charity". Why should you donate? Of course out of the kindness of your heart, but also because items that benefit charity may sell faster, even at a premium price. Donate 10% or more and your item will feature an attention-grabbing charity ribbon—it may even be listed in the Charity Shop. Plus, you reduce your seller fees and enjoy tax savings.


Go to Charity.Ebay.com and type in the search box "DEFEND OUR CHILDREN INC" and hit the blue "Search" button.


Find the charity that has a school logo with the EIN 834644192. Click on the School picture.


Now click on the small red heart with the circle around it. It says "Add to My Favorites".


That's it! Next time you go to list an item you have a good chance of being featured and showing up in the charity shop. If you want to "Sell for Charity" the below link gives you the remaining details. Once you have favorited the charity in STEP THREE, then it's easy to donate when you list an item.


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