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Cover and Concealment

What is cover and concealment? Why is cover and concealment important?

If you have ever played hide and go seek you know that hiding in the middle of a room is probably not the best hiding place. To hide is to get in the closet and try to disguise yourself as something else. Concealment is the tactical term for hiding. Concealment is to not allow the enemy to see you or target you. Hiding under a blanket is considered concealment.

Cover is different from concealment. Cover is the tactical term for blocker like when you have something substantial between you and someone trying to get to you. If you're playing paintball and the opposite team is firing at you, you may want to get behind something stronger than a blanket. When you hide behind a tree, wall, or car that is considered being behind cover. You want cover to stop a bullet.

What would you prefer if someone was shooting at you Cover OR Concealment? Tactically the best answer is Cover AND Concealment.

Cover and concealment is important during a time of attack or imminent danger. You want to have something protect you in your time of need.

What are your thoughts on blockers and hiding also known as cover and concealment in schools?

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