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School Fire Alarms and Active Shooters

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

School attackers are evolving. Schools shooters such as the Parkland High School tragedy pulled the fire alarm and waited for children to funnel into the hallways, as they are trained to do, so he had unabated access to inflict maximum harm to them. Students, driven by school safety protocol, were ordered out of the classroom and into the hallways to exit the building thereby left to the will of the shooter.

We in law enforcement call any hallway "fatal funnels" and are avoided at all costs because of the danger they present. A single bullet fired down a hallway ricochets back and forth

until it hits something or someone.

With our desks, and some necessary common sense changes (see link below), we can avoid this senseless risk by not forcing children to leave their room the second a fire pull station is activated. The initial pull station should trigger a silent alarm, and notify school administration for immediate verification. When verified the fire alarm should be activated. If the active shooter engages during the school administration verification process, the children should shelter within the confines of our safety desks allowing for cover and concealment and the children should shelter in place until the police arrive and control the situation.

School administration should be in charge of "fire alarm" verification and give the "all clear" or "evacuate" announcement.

See the link below to see what the International Association of Fire Chiefs are saying now about unnecessary risks associated with evacuating schools today simply because a fire alarm went off. We must evolve as a nation!


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