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First Responder Advantages during School Shootings

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

This desk's primary inventor is a 20 year retired police officer with 14 years on the road and 6 years as a School Resource Officer. He spent months strategically designing this desk to maximize the tactical benefits for children's protection and for the first responders. The inventor has given special rights to our Charity to make the desks and give them to schools.

Tactical Response Advantages include:

  1. Giving every child a predesignated place to shelter for cover and concealment and not allowing children to group up for easy targeting.

  2. The above predesignated place allowing for shelter in place also paints the picture of what first responders are walking into. With panicked children exiting down hallways, it is extremely difficult to identify, target and fire at an active shooter.

  3. In the "sealed" position, the desk has handles located under the desk that "center" the child in the middle of the space. This combines the child's and desk weight to help prevent the desk from being flipped. This forces the shooter to take extra time and be more precise with their shots in a high stress and high adrenaline situation. This makes the shooter's active time less effective and creates additional time for fire responders to engage.

  4. The Parkland shooter pulled the fire alarm and waited for children to enter fatal funnels before engaging the innocent. Silent alarms should be activated by pull stations, which allows school administration to verify. If the fire is a hoax, then first responders do not have false activations (crying wolf). If first responders are activated, they know for sure it is a live school attack.

  5. If an attacker does manage to attack the innocent while they're grouped, such as class change, then the students know to run to their safety desks for cover. This allows the SRO to know where the innocent should be and help identify the active shooter. Yes, an active shooter can just throw their weapon away and act like a victim. But with everyone in their predesignated safety desks and broken up by classroom, first responders know the shooter can only be in one hiding place and only one classroom is in danger. The classroom scan be evaluated one a time and the shooter can be identified.

With prototypes already being made, Defend Our Children Charity will do active shooting training with the desks and develop best practices. These best practices will be confidential and only distributed to the school officials and necessary local first responders.

Will you rally behind one someone that has been in your shoes as a first responder and help defend the innocent?

Leave your tactical or nontactical feedback below. Everyone's point of view matters. It truly is important and can save a life!

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