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Fundamentally Flawed School Security Products

Fundamental flaws in current market products can be summed up to this one question: What does the first classroom do if an active shooter engages them?

There is nothing else out there that provides children with immediate cover and concealment and the ability to shelter in place. We have exclusive rights to give US Government Patented Safe Space Desks to Schools. There are all kinds of useless “solutions” or “protection” devices flooding the market that are fundamentally flawed.

Would you want a waiter performing open heart surgery on you? Of course not, you would not want to put your life in the hands of someone that doesn't hold the right experience or education. When nontactical minds develop tactical solutions.... The best product that can be developed is a "good try". When we are talking about lives a good try is simply not good enough and is unacceptable. Let's ask ourselves a few questions...

  • Do you want your teachers to carry guns and be faced with the difficulty of having to shoot one of their children? Can they actually do it? Can they hit the target?

  • Do you want your children running, tripping and falling across the room in the line of fire, in a panic to reach a so called safe room? When does the teacher know when to seal the door? Are all the children in the room? What about the ones that have been hurt or instinctively think they are hidden?

  • Do you want your children going to school in a bulletproof suit? (real product)

  • Do you want your children to hold a pack pack or books up as a shield? Do you think a knife wielding attacker will aim at the backpack?

  • Do you want your children to engage the attacker with a can of maze so the shooter can now blindly just spray fire around the room?

  • Do you want your children engaging the attacker AT ALL?

Children are children and they must be able to experience and enjoy their childhoods stress free, not train to be school warriors. This warrior training mentality is basically conceding in the belief that losing one or two children to an attacker is acceptable. The thought of training our children to be warriors and to engage the threat which puts themselves in an attacker's targeting line of sight is ludicrous. Has our society been immunized to the level of these horrors? Do you believe that losing a few of our children to save the majority is rational thinking?

Having on site school resource officers (SRO) is not just a first responder, they are peace of mind for children and parents along with mentors for children and teachers. SROs are trained to engage threats quickly. They have a law enforcement mindset and are always ready to protect the children. SROs are a cost of safe education and the positive education process.

Safe Space Desks are also the cost of safe education. With additional policies, these desks can not only help end school shootings, but also provide a safe space to defend from bullying and sexual harassment. With less than 12 inches of vertical movement, students have immediate access to cover and concealment the moment the student recognizes danger. Fundamentally, instant access to cover and concealment is the best way to limit or stop these horrible tragedies.

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