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GuideStar - Platinum Seal of Transparency

Our charity was recently awarded the platinum seal of transparency from GuideStar.org.

What's a seal of transparency? There are four levels of these transparency seals; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Nonprofits go through a rigorous review process with GuideStar and seals are awarded to nonprofits that meet GuideStar standards. Guidestar asks for and reviews information and data about our mission, our financials, and our impact.

What does GuideStar do? As the GuideStar team puts it, GuideStar is to nonprofits what Zillow is to real estate and Yelp is to restaurants. In fact, it is the largest centralized source of information about nonprofits globally. Its data powers a wide range of charitable giving platforms and programs, including Network for Good, Amazon Smile, and Facebook fundraisers.

To summarize, you can trust our cause. We have been reviewed, vetted and awarded the highest level transparency seal possible; Platinum. This seal is reviewed and renewed every year. Thanks for your time and thanks for checking us out :)

Below is our Guidestar Profile Page.


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