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Protecting Students in School during Inclement Weather

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Do you always believe the weather channel? Weather prediction includes a lot of assumptions and best guesses. The truth is Mother Nature is unpredictable. A freak Tornado or Micro Burst can form and touch down anywhere, anytime without warning or time to prepare. Although it is not as common as an active shooter, unexpected inclement weather school events have a high death toll.

A teacher now has the unprecedented ability and security option to protect their children that they never had before by simply calling out “Take Cover” to the classroom to “Shelter them in Place” to protect them from possible flying or falling debris that otherwise could have inflicted harm. This protection is nearly instant with less than 18" of vertical movement for the child and less than a second to engage.

Current practices involve balling up in a hallway or securing in an auditorium. Auditoriums have large span roofs and are prone to uplift. With these safety desks, students can shelter in place with tiered overhead protection. The first tier is the roof, second tier is the truss structure and the third tier is a desk with structure and ballistic panel.

This risk may not be important to everyone, but teachers, administrators, and students need to be aware and willing to upgrade their current practices for an increased change of survival.



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