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School Knife Attacks and Safety Desks

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Knife attacks in schools are more popular than you think and occur all over the world. Below is a snippet from an attack that occurred just East of Poland. School attacks like this are not uncommon.

Metal detectors were the safety net of the past, now, undetectable guns and knives are produced from 3D printers that can easily enter any school undetected. Attackers have the ability to purchase a 3D printer, design and build knifes without the internet. School attackers typically have one of two missions; a single focused target or maximum causalities. With typical missions and a 3D Printer, access to gun powder or other explosive materials the attacker's possibilities are endless. These attacks are historically premeditated and well thought out plans.

Attackers can be blood thirsty and attack innocent individuals or groups. This fish in a barrel perfect scenario for an attacker has to stop. By providing free safety desks to schools, we provide a predetermined hiding place for children. With a hiding place and policies revised our children can finally defend themselves against an attack.

By equipping schools with these desks, we can defeat an attacker's plans giving the children the tools to protect themselves with "Cover and Concealment" and "Sheltering in Place" to thwart the attacker should any weapon make it into a classroom. Fundamental cover and concealment with the proper school procedures in place will give our children the best chances at surviving a focused planned attack.

Everyone's opinion matters. Do you think a defense mechanism such as a defense desk is the best way to end knife attacks in schools? Leave us your .02



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