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Smile Amazon - Defend Our Children

Thank you so much for viewing this article. You are truly in a position to have a big impact towards the charitable cause of helping stop school violence and encouraging a positive school learning environment.

The Smile Amazon program is amazon donating .5% of their profits to a charity of your choosing. Of course, we would appreciate the generosity you display by choosing our charity, Defend our Children.

To begin, follow the below steps for a tutorial on how to select a charity on smile amazon.


Go to smile.amazon.com and enter your amazon email address and hit "Continue".

***Do not create an account if you already have an amazon account.***


Then enter your amazon password, check the box that says "Keep me signed in." and hit the big yellow"Sign-in" button.


Amazon will then require an authentication. This step will vary slightly depending on your recovery settings on your existing amazon account. Amazon will either text, email or call you with a 6-8 digit number code. Once you get your number code enter it in the below "OTP" field. Then hit the yellow "Continue" button.


Smile Amazon will give you the option to add a mobile number. I just hit the "Not Now" that is in the light blue below the yellow "Add a mobile number" button. Of course you could enroll into the mobile number if you prefer.


You are now able to select a charitable organization. The field below the "or pick your own charitable organization" button is where you type in "Defend our Children". Then to the right, you hit the grey "Search" button.


"Defend our Children, Inc." is the organization is based out of "kiln MS". Click on the yellow "Select" button.


The final step, accepting the disclosure. It says you must use smile.amazon.com in order for amazon to donate the .5% to our Charity. PLEASE, remember smile.amazon.com and not just amazon.com :)


Now your smile.amazon.com page will look like the below. Notice the "Supporting: Defend our Children, Inc." just below your search bar? This is how you know you're supporting Defend our Children Charity. Sticky notes, rebooking/favoriting and remembering the smile.amazon.com will truly help out.


Imagine the impact if you, your friends, and your family can have towards helping us thwart school violence and encourage a positive learning environment in schools.

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